About Capstone BDS

Capstone BDS assists our clients in the hire, training and development of sales consultants and management. We also offer marketing and advertising services in an agency type agreement.

For the small to medium size companies that don’t have the background or expertise to implement sales systems and training protocols we provide simple step by step systems to assess your staffs current level of proficiency and train them to become professional benefits closers.

We can come along side your current staff or assist in hiring and training any number of new associates or managers required. Our philosophy is designed to teach a system that allows your personnel to duplicate themselves so that growth in to new markets is achievable and sustainable.

Most training programs fail to give the associate real world solutions in a sales setting. There are easy to identify reasons why sales associates fail to close. Capstone uses honest, simple strategies in an easy to follow plan that puts the associate in a position to close by earning the right to ask for the business. There are no shortcuts to high closing percentages or growing a qualified professional staff.

If your business is investing a minimum of 2% of your current gross sales in your marketing and advertising budget to drive traffic, then you really do owe it to your company to identify those associates that are not qualified to be trusted with this investment.